Is your valuable time better spent keeping up with all the administrative tasks that come along with your company’s routine management rather than growing your business?

You need a Virtual Assistant. With me working behind the scenes, you won't have to worry about anything being overlooked or left undone.

Hi, I am Rukeya!


Thank you for popping in!!  I am the Founder & CEO of RME Virtual Assistant Services.


My business was born from my passion for helping business owners achieve the work-life balance they desire. I do this by providing a range of remote office services to fulfill the back-end support that business owners need.

I am a self-motivated and accredited Business Analyst with a Degree in IT Management.


My 17 years of experience in the business world together with my diverse set of experience with customer service, business analysis & business development support, taught me how to quickly adapt to new situations, & meet tight deadlines.


This mixed bag of work experience (with all its trials & tribulations!) has given me the skills & excitement needed to jump into something new.


I am fueled by coffee & an ambition to do everything better than the day before.


As a business owner myself, I know that running a business takes a lot, & you should have time to focus on what matters most to you. I am here to take all the little things that go into managing your business off your plate so you can spend your time & attention on the big picture.


With me working behind the scenes, you won't have to worry about anything falling through the cracks. 


Here at RME Virtual Assistant Services, I operate through hard work & open-mindedness, but I also work very hard to make sure my values are represented through my business. 

6 Reasons To Work With Me

We Work Together

 When you partner with me, you will be getting a collaborative virtual partner who will ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. 

I respect deadlines.

Time is valuable because time is money. Timelines are of critical importance, which means you can expect regular communication from me. 

I get it done right.

I take the time to really get to know you and your business. High-quality attention to detail is what you should always expect when partnering with me.

I am available.

I take pride in being available and responsive to all of my clients. All inquiries are guaranteed to be returned within 24 hours. In reality, I usually respond immediately. 

I am experienced

With over 17 years of experience in the corporate world, I pride myself on having a wide variety of experience in many different areas.


Take advantage of that!

I love what I do.

One of my greatest joys is when I get to play a role in the success of my clients. I become INVESTED in my clients and want them to succeed. 


A Little Love From Some of My Clients!

Hasan Evans

The Eldorado Park Muslim Council is honoured to have contracted the services of  RME Virtual Assistance Services as this has led to our organisation streamlining and effectively implementing a marketing strategy that has only seen benefits for us.


RME Virtual Assistant Services is a professional outfit that strives to ensure that our business is dealt with on a personal level and giving it the required attention and devotion, which leads to positive results...

Sonia Keats

Sonia Keats

Mindset and Mental Health Coach

Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

Rukeya has been a God send and I can not recommend her services enough.

I have very limited time, and my tech skills are poor,  which is why I was searching for a VA to help me launch my first group programme. 

I have worked with another VA in the past and was very disappointed so I was a little nervous about working with another. 

Rukeya immediately put my mind at rest as she took the time to truly understand my mission. 

She offered ideas and advice, spotted things I had missed and sorted out all problems that I would never have noticed. 

 She provided all the tech things I needed, and when I didn't know what I needed she researched things on my behalf and solved my issues and put my mind at rest.

 I felt she truly wanted me to have success in my work, she wasn't just doing 'a job'.


The time, commitment and guidance she gave me was way over what I would consider as a V.A role. 

I am so grateful to Rukeya and I will be working with her for a long time moving forward.

Michael Gray

Mike Gray

Founder & CEO: The CFO Mentor

South Africa, Mauritius

Rukeya, this is to thank you for your services provided.


I found you to be attentive, patient and professional.


Your detail-orientation ensured a very high-quality service and your project management skills were apparent.


I can highly recommend your service to any entrepreneur or executive needing professional assistance.


I will undoubtedly continue to use your services when the need arises in the future...


Rukeya, thank you for taking out your time to firstly clarify and guide me through the setting up of our new website.


You were very patient and extremely helpful, your service was excellent and the outcome of our website was stunning...


Husain Evans HEvans Optometrist

Dr. Husain Evans

Founder & CEO: HEvans Optometrist

Johannesburg, South Africa

Rukeya brings decades of business analysis on board.


I value her honesty in advising on the best course for my business, and not just taking on work that adds no tangible worth.


She thoroughly researched the space my business occupies in the medical field and applied herself diligently to make it more efficient.


Her service continues to be indispensable and an integral part of my recent growth.

Halal Natural Products Academy

Taliah S. Mohammed

Founder & CEO: Halal Natural Products Academy

USA, Virginia

Meeting my dear Sister Rukeya was a blessing from Allah.  I was in the middle of planning my online course. 


During our first Discovery Call, she listened and took time to understand my vision. She brought my ideas to life in a beautiful way and so fast that it was shocking! 


I will definitely use her services again in the future...


My Services

Office_Boss Lady-0628.jpg

General Business Administration

Every company, regardless of the industry, has administrative duties that need to be handled in order for the company to run efficiently.

Office_Boss Lady-0965.jpg

Online Course Creation

I can help you create an online course and I help you choose the best online course platform for your business

Office_Boss Lady-0554.jpg

Business Analysis & Project Management

I can assist you in developing a few typical SOP's in clear, concise language so that processes & activities occur as they are supposed to.


As the face of RME Virtual Assistant Services, I cannot wait to assist all you creative entrepreneurs with your business management.  

I am ready to give you the time you need to focus on growing your business & to do the work you're really passionate about doing.